Order Alert Mobile App

OrderReady is a mobile app use to notify and alert your customers as soon as their order items are ready. It is a digital display system used to notify and alert customers once their order numbers are ready, using any smart TV or PC monitor screen with internet connection.

No need to shout out the order numbers, and definitely much better than using electronic pagers or buzzer devices.

For your take-out, pick-up operations, improve the process and serve your customers even better!

Simple 1 Minute Setup

Download the OrderAlert
mobile app

Connect TV or PC Monitor
to Internet

Start your Order Ready alert
screen display immediately!

Improve your business

Efficient: no need to manually shout out the order numbers and prevent customers from repeatedly asking if their orders are done.

Professional: use new technology to enhance the processes for your business

Service: improve customers service with timely notifications

See how OrderReady mobile app works

How it Works

Order Ready mobile app - input individual order number

Use the mobile app to input the Order Numbers that are ready.

Order Ready mobile app - show order numbers

View the list of Order Numbers on the mobile app.

Order Ready - customer alert and notification TV Screen

Your Customers can now see the list of Order Numbers on the TV Display


Orders Served!

Order Ready Mobile App is suitable for various businesses:

  •  Food take outs
  •  Package pick ups
  •  Service repairs
  •  Rental shops
  •  And many more!

Benefits of Using Order Ready

Easy set up

Enhance customer experience

Efficient workflow process

Eliminates manual shouting of order numbers

Businesses that have used our OrderReady app:

The Order Ready mobile app software was developed by Ivant Technologies, a software firm based in the Philippines and specializes in the development of custom business software. The Company was established in 2005 and currently works with hundreds of small, medium and big business clients in the Philippines and other countries to develop custom web-based and mobile app solutions.


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