Order Alert Mobile App

Use the OrderReady mobile app to notify and alert your customers as soon as their order items are ready. No need to shout out the order numbers, and definitely much better than using electronic pagers or buzzer devices!

The OrderReady mobile app is a digital order number display system used to notify and alert customers once their order numbers are ready, using a smart TV screen with internet connection.

Serve your customers better by leveraging technology! Project a professional image for your business!

Frequently asked questions

Do you have an Android and an iOS version of OrderReady mobile app?

We currently only have the iOS version of the OrderReady mobile app, but we are working on an Android version.

What are the requirements for the system to work?

The basic requirements for the OrderReady mobile app to work are:
  • The OrderReady mobile app
  • A Smart TV with a web browser or a monitor set up as an extended PC

What are the TV models that will work with Order Ready mobile app?

We have tested the OrderReady mobile app with these 2 models of Smart TV:
  • Samsung Smart TV with Tizen OS
  • LG Smart TV with WebOS