Frequently asked questions

I am using an Android device and getting an error "Your Device is not Compatible with this Version" from the Google Play Store.

You can try to manually download and install the OrderReady APK from here https://drive.google.com/file/d/1yTyu0sz81VBRCEE1zLLuQfHl4KshFyN8/view?usp=sharing


I am not able to hear the sound when an Order Number is posted?

Please check out our discussion on this web page for the web browser sound set up issues.

Can we call out our customer's name instead of the order numbers?

Yes you can use numbers or alphabets or combinations of alpabet + numbers in calling out the Orders.

Is the system using TV Screen Mirroring?

No our system does not use Screen Mirroring but instead uses web sockets, which is suitable for quick posting of data between a mobile app and another browser. A screen mirroring system is more limited, since it means you will not be able use your phone for other purposes.

Can OrderReady integrate with existing our POS / kitchen software system?

The OrderReady is a standalone mobile app, so there is currently no integration with other POS / Kitchen systems. If your existing software has an API that can be used by 3rd party software, then we can integrate the OrderReady to your software system.

Can we customize the TV Display screen to better fit our company branding?

Yes we can customize the TV Screen design for your company, based on your company branding, colors and design materials. We have a one-time customization fee of US$ 195.00 and this usually takes 2-3 days to carry out.

Can we use portrait or landscape orientation for the TV unit?

Yes both landscape or portrait orientation of the TV Screen will work with the OrderReady mobile app. Please make sure to set the TV built-in web brower to full screen.

What are the TV models that will work with Order Ready mobile app?

We have tested the OrderReady mobile app with these 2 models of Smart TV:
  • Samsung Smart TV with Tizen OS
  • LG Smart TV with WebOS

Most smart TV from other brands with built-in web browser should work will.

What are the requirements for the system to work?

The basic requirements for the OrderReady mobile app and TV Display to work are:
  • The OrderReady mobile app in iOS or Android
  • A Smart TV with a web browser or a Monitor set up as an extended display in a PC
  • A stable wifi connection at least 1 MBPS speed

Do you have an Android and an iOS version of OrderReady mobile app?

Yes we have both the iOS version and the Android version of the OrderReady mobile app. You can download from the Apple AppStore and the Google PlayStore respectively.

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